Five future strategies for fighting COVID-19

Syafiq Basri Assegaff (The Jakarta Post) Jakarta Wed, June 2, 2021 It seems we may have to reconsider our optimism, which blossomed thanks to the mass vaccination program, following the recent Idul Fitri holiday in mid-May. The likelihood of achieving herd immunity against SARS-CoV-2 has remained low due to two important factors: not all individuals … Continue reading Five future strategies for fighting COVID-19

Improve Vaccination Program

In fact, the disease will persist for the next few years, and it looks likely to turn into an endemic in some countries, not pandemic (worldwide) anymore. The original article published in Kompas daily, 26 March 2021; can be accessed via this link in Baca versi asli dalam bahasa Indonesia (read the Indonesian version … Continue reading Improve Vaccination Program