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The Amazing Heart of Man – Tentang Hati 4

The Sayings of Imam Ali (A.S.) regarding the heart

I am amazed at the heart of man:

  • It possesses the substance of wisdom as well as the opposites contrary to it …
  • for if hope arises in it, it is brought low by covetousness: and if covetousness is aroused in it, greed destroys it.
  • If despair possesses it, self piety kills it: and if it is seized by anger, this is intensified by rage.
  • If it is blessed with contentment, then it forgets to be careful; and if it is filled with fear, then it becomes preoccupied with being cautious.
  • If it feels secure , then it is overcome by vain hopes; and if it is given wealth, then its independence makes it extravagant.
  • If want strikes it, then it is smitten by anxiety. If it is weakened by hunger, then it gives way to exhaustion; and if it goes to far in satisfying its appetites, then its inner becomes clogged up.
  • So all its shortcomings are harmful to it, and all its excesses corrupt it.

There are four things that make the heart die: (1) wrong action followed by wrong action, (2) playing around with foolish people, (3) spending a lot of time with women, and (4) sitting with the dead.

Then they asked Imam Ali: ‘ And who are the dead, O Commander of the believers? ‘ He replied: ‘ Every slave who follows his desires. ‘

Image of Imam Ali bin Abithalib as

Surely want is a trial, and having sickness of the body is more difficult to bear than indigence, and having a sickness of the heart is more difficult to bear than having a sickness of the body.

Surely being very wealthy is a blessing, and having a healthy body is better than being very wealthy, and having awe of Allah in your heart is better than having a healthy body.

Surely hearts have desires, and they turn towards, and they turn away … so approach them by means of what they desire and what they turn towards, for surely if the heart is forced to do some thing against its will, it goes blind.


Ilmu atau Harta – Knowledge or Wealth?

English: Knowledge, mural by Robert Lewis Reid...
Knowledge – from Wikipedia

Kumail, ilmu lebih baik dari harta, karena ilmu melindungimu sedangkan harta harus kau lindungi.

Harta berkurang ketika dibelanjakan, tetapi ilmu justeru bertambah saat kau bagikan.

Segala sesuatu yang kau peroleh dari pengumpulan harta akan sirna bersama dengan habisnya harta, tetapi apa yang kau peroleh berkat ilmumu akan menetap meski setelah engkau tiada.

Kalimat di atas menjelaskan bahwa segala yang kita peroleh karena harta (*misal ‘kekuasaan’ karena kaya, ‘kekaguman’ orang pada kita karena kita orang kaya, dan sebagainya) akan hilang bersama habisnya harta, tetapi apa yang kita peroleh berkat ilmumu akan menetap meski setelah kita meninggal dunia.

O Kumail! Ilmu itu kekuatan dan ia bisa memerintahkan ketaatan.

Seorang yang berilmu saat hidupnya akan membuat orang menuruti dan mengikutinya, dan ia dihormati meski setelah kematiannya. Ingatlah bahwa ilmu itu pengatur dan kekayaan adalah yang diaturnya. Continue reading Ilmu atau Harta – Knowledge or Wealth?

What Will Matter…

What will matter…

Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end;

There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days;
All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten will pass to someone else;

Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel with irrelevance;
It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed;

Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear;
So too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and to do lists will expire; Continue reading What Will Matter…

A Note to Terrorists

A Note to Terrorists: When Fasting, Do You Remember Islam Says to Harm No One?

The original article can be found in The Jakarta Globe 27 August 2010.

My daughter recently asked me: Do terrorists fast, Dad? Did the Sept. 11 suicide bombers fast?

I didn’t know what to say, but the 16-year-old went on: “And what would that fasting mean, when they kill innocent citizens without any justified reason, whereas Muslims all over the world understand that they must not harm anyone?”

Fair enough, I think. Even outside the fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims are taught to be always sensitive, tolerant and forgiving, and to never harm an innocent being, let alone a human being.

Islam teaches us that even when we slaughter an animal, we should minimize the suffering.

For example, an animal should be given water prior to its slaughter and it should be done swiftly with a very sharp knife.

But the terrorists might have a different understanding, based on their interpretation of the word “jihad” — which lately has been rendered into a scary term.

We remember the terror of 9/11. US foreign policy in Muslim countries did not justify the loss of lives in the attack. This is not what Islam teaches.

Continue reading A Note to Terrorists

Irvin on Hussain

It was possible for Hussain to save his life by submitting himself to the will of Yazid. But his responsibility as a reformer did not allow him to accept Yazid’s Caliphate. He therefore prepared to embrace all sorts of discomfort and inconvenience in order to deliver Islam from the hands of the Omayyads. Under the blazing sun, on the parched land and against the stifling heat of Arabia, stood the immortal Hussain. (Washington Irvin).

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