Formula E, Electric Car or Political Race?

Many of us may remember how Sebastian Vettel won the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia in 2017. Perhaps learning from Malaysia, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan thinks to held similar event in the capital city next June 2022 in the form of electric car racing Formula E. Although not as … Continue reading Formula E, Electric Car or Political Race?

Agenda Setting, Framing & Priming

Catatan kecil bagi Pembelajar Media dan Teori-teori Komunikasi Massa. Sejarah mencatat bahwa penelitian efek komunikasi menunjukkan adanya anggapan pengaruh media massa yang naik-turun. Awalnya, media massa dianggap punya pengaruh kepada khalayak (audience) secara sangat perkasa, lalu muncul pendapat bahwa efek media massa (selanjutnya ditulis ‘media’ saja) hanya terbatas, dan belakangan ini kembali muncul anggapan bahwa … Continue reading Agenda Setting, Framing & Priming

Memahami Publik

Catatan Soal PR dan Media Massa di Era Digital “Tulislah tema dan ‘lead’ artikel yang memancing pembaca, Mas,” saran seorang editor di sebuah portal berita pada saya beberapa tahun silam, “Yang keywords-nya menarik pembaca dan mesin pencari Google.” Yang dimaksudnya adalah fokus tulisan dan frasa hendaknya mengacu pada apa yang diinginkan pembaca. Tentu saja itu … Continue reading Memahami Publik

‘City 4.0’ leads to happier Jakarta

THIS is about Jakarta and its governor, Anies Baswedan, who has been predicted by many as one of the strongest candidates for the next Indonesian presidency. By Syafiq Basri Assegaff  *)  The article was published in The New Straits Times, Malaysia, on 23 October 2021. (Pictures added separately, from other sources). Shadowed by the defence minister … Continue reading ‘City 4.0’ leads to happier Jakarta

In search of a humane face of megalopolitan Jakarta

Syafiq Basri Assegaff. The Jakarta Post, 13 November 2021. Harboring more than 70 percent of all commercial activities of the nation, Jakarta has been the main attraction to many since the first urbanization took place in the early 1950s. Jakarta is not only the place where every Indonesian – both experts and non-experts – is … Continue reading In search of a humane face of megalopolitan Jakarta

The Importance of Values in Building a Capital City

Anies Baswedan’s 5th Year is Coming This November will be the fifth year of Anies Baswedan administration. Apart from being one of the strongest candidates in the next 2024 presidential race, the Jakarta governor has been watched closely by many who want to ascertain whether he has delivered as much as he promised during the … Continue reading The Importance of Values in Building a Capital City

Hoax, Bahaya Infodemi dan Covid-19

Artikel ini aslinya dimuat pada harian Kompas, Senin 21 Juni 2021 (halaman 7) dengan judul "Bahaya Infodemi dan Covid-19" -- klik di sini. Perlu sekitar 5 menit untuk membaca tulisan 1400-an kata ini. Ini adalah tentang infodemi. Terma tentang fenomena adanya ‘wabah informasi kesehatan’, yang belakangan dipenuhi fakta palsu yang menyesatkan. Banyak bukti menunjukkan dampak … Continue reading Hoax, Bahaya Infodemi dan Covid-19

The Tale of Kampung Akuarium

Why live in one of the world's most populated capital cities if you continue to get evicted because the local government says you are occupying its land illegally? Despite being there since the 1970s, how can you live there comfortably knowing your children's future is at stake, with no fair access to primary life services? … Continue reading The Tale of Kampung Akuarium

Fighting the Pandemic with Up-to-Date Data

People wearing masks in Jakarta: winning the race. Health experts in the world advise that accurate and current data is crucial in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many provinces in Indonesia are showing tardiness in inputting data on active cases in their areas, so they badly need to make improvements. Among seven provinces in Jawa … Continue reading Fighting the Pandemic with Up-to-Date Data

Between political legacy and the pandemic

Indonesia is swimming in Covid-19. The curve rocketed significantly in the past two months, added with the news that a doctor opposed the handling of the pandemic. The original article was published in the New Straits Times, Malaysia, on 25 July 2021. Pictures added separately. This is exacerbated by vaccination hoaxes and the denial of … Continue reading Between political legacy and the pandemic

Success in Fighting the Pandemic: Hopes from Jakarta

Note: Since first time it was published, this article has been updated from time to time, so that readers can have better comprehension in the reading. [Sejak awal diterbitkan, tulisan ini mengalami perbaikan dari waktu ke waktu, agar pembaca mendapatkan informasi terbaru.] AFTER 18 months of the Covid-19 pandemic, it still seems not easy to … Continue reading Success in Fighting the Pandemic: Hopes from Jakarta