Fighting the Pandemic with Up-to-Date Data

People wearing masks in Jakarta: winning the race.

Health experts in the world advise that accurate and current data is crucial in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many provinces in Indonesia are showing tardiness in inputting data on active cases in their areas, so they badly need to make improvements. Among seven provinces in Jawa and Bali only Jakarta that has the most updated data.

This makes us to have better expectation that the capital city can beat the virus spread quickly, if God willing (insha-Allah). Although the number of cases has increased last June and July, there are hopes that Jakarta is going to win the war soon. Cases in Jakarta show very good indication of decrease. After its peak on July 12 (with 14619 cases), daily case in Jakarta went down to 9128 (18 July), to 6213 (20 July), to 673 on 1 September and 430 cases on 2 September 2021 (see accompanied graph).

Daily case in Jakarta between 1 July to 2 September 2021

Noting the data from those seven provinces mentioned above, information gathered from the evaluation by Indonesian Ministry of Health, last September 1, we can see that there are tens of thousands active cases which are not updated for the last three weeks. The information shows that from 22,000 active cases in Java and Bali as of August 31, 2021, there are six provinces that have not updated their status from more than 21 days.

From all regencies/cities in Java-Bali with the most unreported active cases for more than 21 days, Central Java had 61.4%. As on August 31, as many as 15,221 active cases in Central Java had not been updated in that period. The record followed by West Java which also has active cases that have not been updated within 21 days, which is 5,421 cases (or 26.7%), then East Java (1,515 active cases), Bali (424 active cases), Yogyakarta special province (325 active cases), and Banten as many as 37 unreported active cases for the last three weeks.

Only Jakarta has no ‘debt’ in presenting case numbers for more than 21 days. This means that all of the existing active cases in Jakarta were input results before 21 days, which amounted to 7,047 active cases.

Thus, with this updated data, the government under Governor Anies Baswedan can take all necessary actions, worry less about follow-ups (additional) active cases; as of August 31, all existing figures are current, and there are no active cases in DKI Jakarta whose status has not been updated that time.

Apparently Anies and his team in Jakarta do not want to be left behind in the race between the virus spread and data management. They seem to understand the importance of the perceiving threats during pandemic, since wrong or obsolete data can make false impression of relax attitude. Because the effect of such impression or behavior of ‘sweetening’ the situation, will certainly prevent the emergence of low sense of crisis, which will make this pandemic persistent.

Although in volatile time like now cases are up and down from time to time, but at least we have seen a light at the end of the tunnel.

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